Instructions for use Goji Cream

Goji Cream - general information and features

Tool Type:

face cream


50 ml / 1 pack


for external use



Main team:

goji berry extract,

grape seed and jojoba oil

Goji Cream is an anti-wrinkle cream based on natural ingredients derived from plants. Designed for girls and women aged 22 and over (no restrictions). For face, eye area, neck and décolleté. Promotes the regrowth of skin cells, fills with energy and eliminates the signs of fatigue, effectively eliminates wrinkles and restricts their appearance, restores elasticity. The composition does not include sulfate. High quality creams are certified by international compliance certificates, and their effectiveness is confirmed by the positive results of clinical trials and numerous user reviews.

Anti-wrinkle cream - instructions for use:

  • old age wrinkles and loss of skin tension
  • age spots, uneven skin color, enlarged pores
  • mimics wrinkles near the eyes, on the cheeks, on the forehead and nose bridge
  • facial rash, blackheads, acne, inflammation
  • feels tight, dry, dry
  • drooping eyelids, tired eye syndrome
  • Loose skin on the neck, chin, décolleté
  • Increased work of sebaceous glands - oily skin.

Other than the reasons stated, this cream is the perfect ultra light makeup base. Thanks to its innovative formula, it is suitable for all skin types. Dry, oily, normal or mixed - Goji Cream is just as beneficial for every girl and woman of any age.

Important to know! Only the proper use of the cream has the most positive results. Included with each package of creams are instructions on how to use, information on contraindications. The manufacturer recommends that you familiarize yourself with it before first use.

Instructions on how to use Goji Cream - recommendations, contraindications

Applying anti-wrinkle cream - just at first glance looks like a simple procedure that requires no skills. However, if you want to get significant results in the shortest possible time, you better master some basic skills and rules for applying the cream on your face:

instructions on how to use Goji Cream anti-wrinkle cream properly with goji berries
  • Remove cosmetics and other impurities from your face. Do not wipe your face dry - through a slightly moist face the cream is absorbed and activated faster
  • Squeeze the peanut cream into your index and middle fingers, wait a few seconds until the cream warms slightly at body temperature
  • Next, gently tap with two fingers, all over your face. You should start with the forehead, then the skin around the eyes, nose and cheeks. Chin, neck and décolleté further afield. Therefore, you will like to apply the cream into the skin without stretching it.
  • After applying the cream, wait 15 minutes - in the morning, 1, 5 hours - before bed. Wipe off leftover cream with a dry napkin.

Look at the picture. Arrows indicate the correct direction to apply the cream against wrinkles and age-related changes.

There are no contraindications to Goji Cream. The exception is the rare individual intolerance to one of the components in the cream.

Be careful! Beware of counterfeiting. You can buy natural creams in France only on the official website.